Where can I find a Zeeland Dentist?

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Visiting our Zeeland dentist twice a year for teeth cleanings, examinations, oral cancer screenings and protective treatments can help you and your loved ones maintain healthy, beautiful smiles throughout your lives. At Strikwerda Family Dentistry, we offer a comprehensive preventive program, tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients. Our goal is to halt the onset and progress of conditions that may adversely affect your oral health.

The two most common dental diseases, tooth decay and gum disease are caused by plaque. This sticky film gathers continuously around the teeth and gums, harboring harmful bacteria that feed on sugar. While the bacteria in plaque produce acids, which cause cavities to form in the teeth, when plaque gathers below the gum line, it infects and inflames the soft tissues supporting the teeth, leading to periodontal disease. To prevent plaque buildup, it’s important to brush and floss each day and limit your intake of sugary foods and beverages. To complement your daily oral hygiene routine, we also recommend visiting our office for comprehensive checkups and professional teeth cleanings. Preventive care for patients of all ages includes a thorough assessment of the teeth, gums and their supporting structure, with the use of advanced digital radiography, as needed. With periodic examinations, we can diagnose oral health problems from their outset, when they are typically the easiest to treat. As part of your visit for preventive care, we also perform a professional teeth cleaning to remove any plaque you may have missed while brushing. We provide guidance to patients of all ages on the best techniques to use at home to maintain an effective regimen of oral hygiene. For our pediatric patients, we strive to make preventive visits informative and engaging and do our best to help children establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of oral health. Our Zeeland dentist offers fluoride treatments and dental sealants as an added layer of protection against cavities for pediatric patients.

With the personalized, compassionate care of our Zeeland dentist, we make every checkup a positive, stress-free experience for you and your family. At Strikwerda Family Dentistry, we keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy from the start. To learn more or to schedule a checkup, call today.

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